The 10 Grief Commandments

#1 Eliminate all negative thoughts
ALL negative thoughts are toxic. Thinking positively will automatically put you on a healthy journey of healing.

#2 Live a healthy lifestyle
Drink your water, eat reasonably healthy with a touch of comfort food. Eating healthy will help you feel “good” from the inside out.

#3 Get Adequate Rest
Resting will help as you try to cope each day. Resting will allow the grief to rest and give you a break you deserve.

#4 Share HOPE
Join support meetings, write in a journal, have tea/coffee with a friend, and TALK. Talking about your loved one and sharing your stories will help with the grief process.

#5 Reduce Stress
Try asking for help. Laundry, food shopping, cooking, are all things that a family member can do. Ask for help so you have some more time to work on you.

#6 exercise
Try walking on beach, or taking a yoga class, these exercises are great to get the heart pumping as well as reducing stress.

#7 Find and fulfill your purpose
Whatever your passion is. Knitting blankets to raise funds to give to someone in your loved ones name, volunteering at an event, making bears to give to hospitals. Find your purpose and fulfill it. It will help you grieve your loved one while never letting their memory fade away.

#8 Expand your comfort zones
Give yourself challenges. Today I will go to the mall!

#9 Replace anxious and fearful thoughts with positive and helpful ones.
For every fear, or anxious thought, replace with a positive uplifting one.
“I am scared to get pregnant again, what if it happens again?” replace with
I would love to get pregnant again and embrace another living soul in my womb.

#10 Be Kind to yourself.
Being positive, healthy, exercising, reducing stress is great, but you MUST give yourself a break for the bad days. In the beginning you will may have 7 bad days a week. Then as time goes on, you may have 5 bad days and 2 good days. With more time, you may have 1 bad day and 6 good days. Please recognize the signs of a bad day. This roller coaster ride has its ups and downs and they can happen from one split second to the next. Appreciate all days, the good and bad and be gentle on you