Perhaps the concept of grief coaching is new to you. Although many people are familiar with grief counseling, we believe that grief does not typically require counseling. However, a trained grief coach has the tools and expertise to skillfully guide newly bereaved families through the journey of mourning their loss and getting started on a positive road to recovery.

The grieving and mourning process is a process that takes time and patience. It does not stop at the funeral home or gravesite. The grieving person, never gets over their loss, they just learn how to live with it. The role of a grief mentor is to guide you as you learn the “new you”. We address issues, confront challenges and take action.  Coaching or mentoring involves a positive vision for the future and creating strategies for achieving specific goals. Together we co- create a map of where you are emotionally, mentally, and physically at this moment and where you want to be.



Mentoring will provide you with…

A Safe Place with No Judgement
Validation with Compassion and Understanding Permission to Grieve and Mourn
Coping Skills
Ongoing Support
Hope and Healing
A sounding board for decision making.
Support and encouragement
A positive journey moving forward
Learning to live with the “new” you



Do you feel overwhelmed?
Do you feel drained of energy?
Do you feel alone?
Do you have deep regret, sadness, and guilt?
Do you feel there doesn’t seem to be a future without your loved one or, Do you feel you don’t know how to move forward?
Can you function alone?
Can you function at work or school? social situations?
Do you feel like you are not in control?
Do you have a hard time sharing your feelings?
Are you are trying to mask the pain and ‘move on’?
Do you feel time hasn’t healed any wounds?
Do you feel things that make you think you are going crazy?

If you answered yes to any of the following questions, you may benefit from a Grief Mentor.