Hello friends, I developed Margaret’s Reflections of HOPE a few years ago because I felt lifting people up in HOPE, will help them have the confidence to beat any challenge that was put in front of them.  I have a passion for complementary and holistic medicine and wanted to expand on my knowledge with the spiritual world.  I embarked in my journey of Reiki and today, I am a Intuitive Reiki Master/Teacher.  I enjoy being present with people by way of life coaching and guiding them to complete wellness.  I am a bereaved mother who is allowing my daughter to live through me by way of listening to my intuition and working towards a happier lifestyle.  My training has included Certified Life Coach, and Grief Mentor, Certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Trained Chakra Healer, Certificates through Dr. Wolfelt specializing in Grief and Death Studies and Nondenominational Minister.

 I have relocated in Apopka, Florida and I am currently developing a sacred space, a mini salt room where people can come and experience my energy work and meditation.  This space will focus on self care, and rejuvenation.  When I experienced the death of my daughter, I needed a place where I could be whole again. Losing my daughter, I felt lost, and alone. I want to create this space, for not only bereaved families but for everyone who is human, and is troubled by the hustle and bustle of everyday living. Everyone needs a safe place to go and feel not so alone.  I invite you to join me today by breathe in a life full of positive support with healing elements of Reiki and Salt Therapy.

Love and Light,